• Why eat like the French?

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  • What kind of diet is Fast French Food?

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  • Can I lose weight eating like the French?

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  • What do I get when I subscribe?

    Every Thursday, you will receive:

    • 5 dinner recipes.
    • a convenient printable shopping list.
    • advice from your French nutrition coach.

    The 5 weekly recipes will:

    • include a main dish and a side (carefully chosen to complement the main dish).
    • use the same herbs, so you don’t waste any at the end of the week.
    • use seasonal vegetables and fruits.

    What will you experience with Fast French Food?

    • Bring your family back to the dinner table.
    • Save time and money.
    • Have peace of mind with how you are feeding yourself and your family.
    • Eat healthy, nutrient-dense food – your body will thank you!
  • Can I get the ingredients from my grocery list delivered?

    We are not offering this service yet, but please stay tuned… We are planning on delivering specialty French products very soon!

    If you need your Fast French Food ingredients delivered, try online services such as instacart.com or amazon fresh.com.

  • How should I do my grocery shopping?

    You will receive your meal plan on Thursday, which gives you 4 days to go grocery shopping and prepare for the following week.

    Whenever possible, buy all organic ingredients. “Organic” won’t be specified in the shopping list to not make it repetitive.

    Whenever possible, buy locally sourced ingredients and the highest quality meats. This means buying only animals who have been humanely treated and pasture-raised. Get in touch with local farmers in your area. Shop at your local farmers market. The best ingredients make the best meals; and the healthiest people.

  • What about bread?

    If you don’t suffer from celiac disease or you are not gluten intolerant, there is nothing wrong about enjoying a slice of good bread with your meals, as the French do.

    Bread is a very important food in France.

    Now, where I live in the US, I don’t have access to amazing nutritious bread as I did in France. French people don’t tolerate bad bread. The solution to this is to bake my own bread (finding the best quality flours). But if you are interested in Fast French Food, easy and fast recipes, you probably don’t take the time to bake your bread! So, if you are not going to master the secrets to homemade bread, you’re better off bread all together.

    It’s all about quality!

    As a French living in the US, my concern is to get the best nutrition I can with the best ingredients I have access to. Removing or reducing the consumption of some foods is just as important as adding the right ones.

What’s for dinner?

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