The Best Way to Lose Weight: Secrets from French Women

french woman lose weight

What would a French woman say if you asked what her secrets are for weight loss?

One day a friend of mine said: “Laura, you can’t possibly eat that much butter and stay thin!”

Yes, actually I can! In fact, most French women do. French cuisine is naturally high in fat.

Here is the truth: Fat does not make you fat.

The secret here is that we eat good fat.

It’s the consumption of high-glycemic foods that makes people fat. Choosing good sources of carbohydrates will help to control blood sugar and manage weight. The glycemic index measures how much a food spikes blood sugar (which leads to sugar crashes during the day). Examples of foods with a high glycemic index: white bread, bagels, cakes, doughnuts, crackers, and almost all processed packaged foods.

French people naturally eat (and enjoy) plenty of low-glycemic foods. Foods with a low glycemic index: most fruits and vegetables, beans, grass-fed meat, and minimally processed grains and dairy products.

Weight loss is a by-product of adopting healthy eating habits. If you want to know the best way to lose weight: focus on being healthy first!

Best way to lose weight: follow these 7 guidelines.

  1. Reduce your intake of sugary foods.
    Start by being aware of how much sugar you consume each day (writing a food journal is a great way to do so) and do your best to reduce your intake. Sugar stimulates the appetite, and you will naturally want to eat more if you consume it. Keep the sweet treats for dessert at the end of your meal. The impact of sugar on the body is very different after a full meal, and you will only need a small amount to feel satisfied.
  2. Stay away from processed foods.
    This includes any foods with a long list of ingredients on the package (especially chemicals you can’t even identify as food). Single-ingredient foods are the best you can eat!
  3. Eat plenty of nutrient-dense foods.
    Traditional French cuisine, made through French cooking methods, is naturally nutrient-dense.
  4. Eat high quality ingredients.
    Become more aware of the quality of the food you put in your mouth. Start each recipe you prepare at home with the best possible ingredients.
  5. Sit down at a table to eat.
    Not at your desk, or standing at the kitchen counter. Sit down and eat your meal slowly and mindfully. Even better, enjoy good company while you’re eating.
  6. Walk more.
    To run errands, get coffee, go out to dinner – walk, walk, walk everywhere! Human beings are built to walk (not drive). Get a dog (or borrow one) if you need a good excuse to walk!
  7. Eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full.
    Ask yourself, “am I really hungry?” before you start eating. Avoid snacking. Instead, drink a big glass of water – we tend to confuse thirst with hunger. Since overeating is often linked to emotional needs, take a step back and consider if you’re eating your feelings or if you’re truly hungry. Allow yourself to stop and feel these emotions instead.

Here is the best way to lose weight like the French:

Follow my seven key tips described above, cook the recipes I provide in my dinner plans for Fast French Food, and enjoy your time when dining at the table. Really, a healthy diet is about enjoying good food, your family and friends, laughter, and life!

Give yourself permission to be happy. Let go of wanting to lose weight, instead focus on adopting a healthy lifestyle, and embracing your own happiness. Watch the pounds melt away!