What Fish Should I Eat? Making the Responsible Seafood Choice

what fish should I eat

This summer, I went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. It is a very impressive aquarium that is absolutely worth visiting, especially with kids that love animals!

Although I laughed when watching the playful otters, what I loved the most was their focus on educating people about our ocean’s health. The aquarium is doing a great job at bringing awareness by educating visitors about sustainable fishing practices. Thanks to their Seafood Watch program, they’re helping people make better seafood choices that are good for our ocean, as well as for our bodies and health.

Seafood plays an important role in a balanced diet.

Fish is an excellent source of protein that is low in saturated fat. Seafood also contains nutrients that benefit the brain, such as iron, vitamin E, and selenium. And of course, the most popular discussion is regarding its high omega-3 fat content.

These nutrients can be found in the form of supplements (which is what most vegans do), but let’s be honest: nothing beats getting nutrients from real food.

In summer, our bodies naturally crave lighter foods. Fish and seafood are my favorite light substitute for heavier red meats. I currently live in Oregon and although my Mediterranean fish recipes are French, the fish is not!

What fish makes the lowest impact on the environment?

The Seafood Watch consumer guides will help you identify the most sustainable seafood wherever you live or travel. I now refer to this list every time I shop for groceries, or eat at a sushi restaurant. When meal planning, this guide helps me feel good knowing that I’m making the best choice for not only myself, but also for the environment.

As a general rule, buying wild-caught fish will be a better choice than farm-raised fish. However, this doesn’t meant you have to limit your options. Refer to the list above, and make conscious choices. I absolutely love shrimp, and you can see that US-farmed shrimp is the best choice.

Vital Choice is one of the best online sources for high-quality, wild-harvested seafood. When you shop on their website, you can be sure that you are cooking healthy meals with seafood that is the best of the best! This is the service I personally use when creating my healthy meal plans for Fast French Food. If you live in an area where finding sustainable fish is difficult, I can’t recommend their service highly enough. 

What fish is the most healthy to eat?

At Fast French Food, I do not offer many meal plans that include tuna recipes. Because this big fish is known to carry mercury in its tissues in large quantities, this heavy metal ends up in your body and can cause long-term damage. Detoxing from heavy metals can be very difficult for some people, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. I choose to avoid consuming tuna as much as possible.

From a nutrition perspective I recommend eating smaller fishes, such as: sardines, mackerel, and herring. These types of fish contain low mercury levels compared to larger predatory species such as swordfish, shark, and tuna.

To summarize, when you ask yourself: “what fish should I eat?”, here is the process I recommend you adopt when planning your healthy weekly menu:

  1. Refer to your Seafood Watch consumer guide.
  2. Buy your wild-caught fish from Vital Choice.
  3. Cook the delicious seafood dinner recipes provided by Fast French Food (by far the most fun part of the process!)

By making educated choices we can all lead happier and healthier lives, while at the same time preserving our beautiful oceans!

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