Why Lack of Time is Killing Your Nutritional Intake

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Life is busy. Many of us spend the day running from activity to activity, rarely taking a break to relax. By the time dinner rolls around, your energy is zapped and you reach for the most convenient, quick meal. Sound familiar? While stopping by McDonald’s on the way home may be cheap, quick, and easy, over time it will take a toll on your nutritional intake and overall health. Many Americans don’t realize how the lack of downtime in their day may be damaging their nutritional intake. What they also don’t realize is that a healthy, nutritionally dense meal does not have to be a time-consuming process. In fact, you can even enjoy something as elegant as French dinner recipes on nights you are crunched for time! See below for reasons why your lack of time might be killing your nutritional intake.


Fast Food is Not a Well-Rounded Diet


Stopping for a quick breakfast sandwich on the way to work or grabbing a burger for dinner on the way home may seem like a good option for people who are pressed for time. In the long run, though, these decisions can harm your nutritional intake. When thinking about the food pyramid, fast food meals do not provide the variety of nutrition needed for a healthy lifestyle. Traditional French Bistros will often serve you a beef patty only, leaving out the not-so-nutritious bread bun. You may be getting meat from those fast food burgers, but French fries do not count as a healthy vegetable serving!


You Might be Consuming Excess Salt and Sugar    


People eat fast food for many reasons. It is cheap, quick, easy, and can taste delicious. Part of what makes fast food taste good is the excessive salt and sugar that may be added to the meals. Before you order your favorite combo, be sure to check the nutritional label online or in the restaurant to see just how much salt and sugar are in the food items.


Quick and Easy Can Mean Unhealthy Ingredients


Many busy Americans avoid fast food but reach for frozen meals instead. Grocery stores are packed with a variety of frozen meal options that require just a couple minutes of microwave reheating before they are ready to eat. Prior to stocking your freezer with frozen meals, though, check the nutrition labels. Some frozen meals can have too many ingredients. A general rule of thumb is that the more ingredients on a label you can’t pronounce, the less healthy the food item is. Avoid frozen foods that contain excessive, unnatural ingredients. Not all frozen food is bad, though. Frozen vegetables and fruits are nutritious and a great thing to keep in your freezer.


To enjoy a healthy body, consider cooking from scratch with real ingredients! French people cook way more than most Americans.

Next time you are busy and pick up fast food or a frozen meal, consider how your nutritional intake may be harmed by that decision. At Fast French Food, we provide you with French dinner recipes that you can easily make on weeknights. Our service relieves you of the pressure of having to come up with your own recipe ideas and shopping list. Save time, money, and enjoy nutritionally healthy foods.