5 Simple Healthy Habits of French People (Eat Like the French Do!)

Healthy habits

Forget fad diets! Having a healthy diet is not just about food. You need a new mindset to eat and plan meals the way the French do. There is an abundance of evidence supporting how combining healthy habits with a healthy lifestyle benefits your waistline.

Eating like the French will keep you thin and healthy. Don’t just take my word for it – experience it!

What is the French way of eating? 5 simple healthy habits to follow:

Watch your portion sizes.

If you’ve ever been to France, you may have been shocked about how small food portions are. I’ve been living in the US for over 7 years and I am still surprised at how big portions are here! I have often asked myself, “how can someone eat that much in one go?”

I love eating. A lot. But I’d rather eat a variety of different flavors throughout the day than a lot of only one flavor all at once. That is one of the biggest differences between French cuisine and American meals. 

Choose quality over quantity.

The French will enjoy small portions of rich, high quality foods rather than large portions of low quality foods. Most Americans are not even aware of how bad the quality is of their food. Thankfully, you can educate yourself on how to choose better quality ingredients. The good news is that this country allows for such a wonderful variety of healthy high quality foods, so choose them over low quality fast food! 

Limit your snacking.

French people eat only 3 meals a day. Snacking is not a part of the French culture. If I feel the need to snack, it’s usually because I didn’t eat enough during meal times. If I really need a snack, I’ll choose real food snacks like fruit or yogurt. In France, children will usually have a healthy afternoon snack (goûter) after school. But that snack is for kids only! Create a healthy meal plan (with 3 nutrient-dense meals a day) and stick to it. Fast French Food can help!

Eat sitting at the table.

Growing up, I don’t ever recall eating anywhere else in the house other than at the table. I remember how strange it was to see an American family eat dinner at whatever time they wanted, wherever they wanted (in front of the TV or even in the bedroom)! This is definitely not a part of the French culture. When I visit my parents in France, meals are eaten at the table at a very specific time. We plan our entire days around mealtimes. Of all the healthy habits I recommend, gathering loved ones together at the table to eat healthy meals is the most important routine you can implement. It will improve your relationships and create a healthy family connection. This is a wonderful article about improving the life of your children by eating with them, published by the Washington Post. 

Eat what you love.

Finally, eat foods that you enjoy. Most of all, eat it with pleasure. I create healthy meal plans through Fast French Food, including delicious dinner recipes to share with the whole family. It’s all about the intention behind eating your meals. If you’re feeling guilt from eating chocolate, don’t eat it. But if you’re feeling joy from eating chocolate, eat it! Just remember to still watch your portion sizes.

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