Why Fast French Food?

Tired of asking yourself “what’s for dinner?”

Tired of always eating the same thing?

You want to eat healthy everyday and you don’t find the time to dedicate to meal planning?

Don’t order a pizza. We have the solution for you.

You don’t need to be a chef to feed yourself and your family a healthy home-cooked dinner.

Here, at Fast French Food, we plan your weekly dinners with fast, healthy and delicious French meals. We believe in good food. We believe cooking French food doesn’t need to be complicated and fancy.

We provide you with very easy to make French recipes so you can eat better, feel better and ultimately look better.

Who is behind Fast French Food?

Hi, I’m Laura, I’m a certified transformational nutrition coach and I’m French! I created Mom Nutrition Coaching to help new moms lose weight naturally and permanently, restore their health and live the life of their dreams..

Since having my child 5 years ago, I struggled to find the best diet to help me lose weight and overcome fatigue. Along the way, I discovered how important meal planning is in changing my eating habits and reaching my health goals. Now I entirely attribute my new body and vital energy to my rigorous French dinner planning.

As a French woman living in the US, I am obsessed with food and passionate about transforming bodies from the inside out. Not only it is possible but it’s totally within your reach. Proper nutrition from following a traditional diet can be life-changing by itself. You deserve to be and feel the best of yourself. I know a happy mother makes a happy family!

To learn exactly what I eat and how I plan it, click the red button below and get free instant access to one-week of Fast French Food. I’ll see you there!